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Ghost in the Shell and Fallout New Vegas inspired this sci-fi solo RPG

Solo science fiction.

Artwork for Astroprisma RPG
Image credit: Crescent Chimera

Explore a galaxy where civilisation has collapsed in this solo tabletop roleplaying game inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Fallout New Vegas.

Astroprisma is an upcoming roleplaying game that takes place in a science fiction universe where the majority of civilisation has vanished, seemingly without clear reason. Taking inspiration from the likes of classic anime film Ghost in the Shell and post-apocalyptic video game Fallout New Vegas, as well as other TRPGs such as Mothership by Tuesday Knight Games and Rune by GilaRPGs, Astroprisma presents players with a vast galaxy whose skeleton is the only thing left to find.

As a lone explorer, players experience the solo roleplaying game on their own using Astroprisma’s rulebook and a series of sheets - which they fill in to create their character, note where they have visited in the galaxy and what they find there. As this explorer, players’ goal is to fully explore the entire star system map: from the inner ring all the way to the outer one. The map is made up of three rings of hexes, each containing either known elements - such as an asteroid sea or a settlement - or unknown things which the player must discover for themselves.

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Players can choose between six different origins for their characters, each one providing them with a varying array of stats and equipment to start with. For example, whilst the Ecoterrorist origins gives players more points in vigor - or hardiness - the Astromancer, someone who is very experienced with hacking and the virtual world, has more points in mind. Depending on what kind of character players choose, they’ll be better equipped to deal with circumstances like combat and survival.

Throughout the game, players may encounter hostile individuals or groups that they may need to engage in battle with. The combat system for this sci-fi RPG has players choosing to use their weapon, hack into enemy systems, utilise their cybertech or attempt to flee, with their opponents reacting to their decisions. Players may be able to get ahold of a variety of weapons in Astroprisma, as well as gain new hacking and/or cybernetic abilities.

Pages in Astroprisma.
Image credit: Crescent Chimera

The player will also have a starship that they’ll use to pilot between the galaxy’s hexes, with the option to apply mods or upgrades as they explore. During their travels, players may come across members of one of the five factions included in Astroprisma, with each having their own objectives and beliefs. Players can interact with these factions, or even join them, but may find themselves running into trouble with rivals if they do.

Astroprisma was created and will be released by Crescent Chimera. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Astroprisma is live until April 18th, with backers able to get a physical copy of the core rulebook for €35 (£30/$37) in October. Alternatively, a digital version is available for a pledge of €15 (£13/$16.26).

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