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Dungeons & Dragons meets Rugrats in tabletop RPG Babies and Broadswords

Chuckie the dice.

A new RPG is offering a different perspective on D&D-style fantasy by putting players in the nappies of adventuring babies.

Babies and Broadswords is billed by lead creator Jason Cassidy as the halfway point between Dungeons & Dragons and babies’-eye cartoon Rugrats, with players swapping wizards and warriors for six adorable classes including Barbabyians, Warwocks, Sneaky Pants, Thortherers and Punchy Kickers. Quirks introduce character traits such as temper tantrums or a fondness for literally throwing their toys out of the pram.

The RPG swaps D&D’s classic 20-sided die for a d6, with just three key stats to track: adventurousness, cuteness and precociousness. Characters’ unique abilities - granted by their class - perks and stuff found on their travels can help boost dice rolls, adding bonuses to overcome whatever challenges are in their way. If they fail, the young adventurers suffer nothing more serious than ouchies, grumps and tummy aches, eventually being forced to take a time out if they need a rest.

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Players will explore Lady Chastity’s Home for Unwanted Children and Other Errors in Judgement, an orphanage that’s home to nurses and janitors, as well as more fantastical beings such as ghosts and monsters. A bestiary included in the core rulebook features more than 20 creatures and NPCs designed for kid-friendly encounters.

Replacing the dungeon master is Babies and Broadswords’ sitter, who handles what the game charmingly calls the “Big Kid Rules” and runs each session. Two premade campaign modules are included in the book. Gameplay is designed to be rules-light and suitable for players not that much older than the characters, focusing more on narrative than complexity.

Babies and Broadswords is the debut release from publisher Even Footing Games, which released a digital version of the book earlier this month on DriveThruRPG.

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