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Bag of Chips is a party board game that comes in a crisp bag

A snacking game.

Bag of Chips, a party board game themed around salty snacks, is getting a US and European release that comes in a crisp bag.

Originally released in Canada by Mixlore – a studio under Asmodee, the tabletop gaming giant that also heads-up Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards of the Coast - last year, Bag of Chips is a party board game themed around that most delicious of savory snacks, crisps. (Known as chips in the US and Canada.) Designed to support two to five players, Bag of Chips tests the group’s restraint and punishes those players who are too greedy for points.

At the start of the upcoming game, every player is dealt six objective cards which will determine what kind of chips they’ll be attempting to grab. Of the 25 chips in total, there are five separate colours – all themed around different flavours – with differing amounts of each being available in the bag. At the start of the round, one player draws five chips from the bag and places them in front of the whole group. After this, everyone chooses two objective cards to discard, before the same player draws four more chips and everyone discards another objective card.

An image of the Bag of Chips board game being played.

After three more chips are dealt by the active player, then everyone puts two of their objective cards on the positive scoring side of their playboard, with the final card on the negative side. When the player has drawn two more chips – one after the other – then the round ends and the player sees whether they have successfully completed their objective cards. Players calculate their score by adding points from completed cards and subtracting points from the negative objective card.

Whichever player has the highest score wins two reward tokens, with the player holding the second-highest score getting a single reward token. When a player has four or more reward tokens then the game ends and that player wins.

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Bag of Chips was co-created by Mathieu Aubert – the designer behind the detective game Shadows: Amsterdam - and Draftosaurus co-designer Théo Rivière. The English-language version is set to be released in the US by Blue Orange Games, the publisher responsible for beginner board game Kingdomino and the nature-themed tabletop title Photosynthesis.

The US and UK English-language version of Bag of Chips is set to be release in June at a retail price of £10 ($12). (Thanks BoardGameGeek.)

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