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Bargain Quest, the card game of fantasy flogging, sets sail in next expansion Sunk Costs

Vesselling your waves.

Bargain Quest, the lighthearted card game about flogging wares to fantasy adventurers, is taking to the waves in its latest expansion.

Bargain Quest: Sunk Costs adds heroes and monsters from the oceans to the core game, introducing the need for players to sell seaworthy items and equipment to the needy nautical customers.

As well as extra cards for more gameplay variety, the upcoming board game expansion introduces a new game mode: Supply Ships. Publisher Renegade Game Studios is yet to detail the gameplay of the variant.

Sunk Costs is the second big expansion for Bargain Quest, following the Black Market expansion. That set added further heroes, monsters and items, as well as employees for players to hire and a new Black Market upgrade.

Bargain Quest was designed by Star Wars: Imperial Assault co-creator Jonathan Ying, and sees up to six players competing to stock the right items and attract adventuring customers to their respective fantasy stores.

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Sara reviewed Bargain Quest earlier this year and enjoyed their time with its sparky homage to fantasy RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, writing: “Bargain Quest lacks strategic punch, but makes up for it with wry humour, beautiful components and its unabashed devotion to a diverse and silly world. It’s bright and funny enough to make its spin on fantasy tropes enjoyable.”

Bargain Quest: Sunk Costs will be released this September. It’ll cost $25 (£20) in the US, and you’ll need the original game to play.

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