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Capture souls to become the next god of death in Baron Voodoo, releasing in English this autumn

A spirited experience.

Which player will collect enough souls to become the next god of death in Baron Voodoo? A competitive puzzle board game about stacking dice that’s set to be released in English.

Originally released in the French language last year, Baron Voodoo is an upcoming board game for two to four players that sees players assuming the roles of Loa - intermediaries between the supreme creator, Bondye, and humanity - attempting to become the next god of death. In the space of just a single night, players have been tasked with gathering as many souls as they can and transporting them into the spirit world. But only one Loa can be elevated to godly status and the competition won’t be easy.

Baron Voodoo starts with players rolling 48 soul dice, before placing them in the seven by seven grid provided in the game box. Doing this creates a unique puzzle for players to individually tackle by moving and stacking the dice across the grid.

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Dice can be captured by moving a die of the player’s matching colour on top of the target die - which not only grants that player victory points, but also enables them to choose from a selection of other possible actions. These actions include activating the ability of the symbol shown face-up on the die - which can provide bonuses like additional victory points - paying a skull to change the face-up symbol and paying two skulls to take another turn.

Players also have unique abilities depending on which Loa they decide to play as. For example, Mamy Wata can move all the dice in a line to one of the grid’s edges, and Gran Bwa can move all the dice in a column - except for the die at the bottom - onto another die in the grid.

Whichever player collects the most victory points by the end of the game, becomes the winner of Baron Voodoo.

Baron Voodoo board game layout

Yann Dentil is the creator of Baron Voodoo, having previously designed the two-player board game Damoclès, which sees players fighting one another in a skirmish game between opposed heralds of the gods. The artwork for the game was created by Christine Alcouffe, the artist behind Paper Tales and Pharaon.

The English language version of Baron Voodoo is being published by Lucky Duck Games - the company behind co-op board game Chronicles of Crime and the bizarre party game Paranormal Detectives - in partnership with Yoka by Tsume, which first released the game in French.

Baron Voodoo is set to be released in English sometime this October for an estimated retail price of £23 - £30 ($32 - $40). (Thanks Decks & Dice)

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