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Play as Batman, Catwoman and more in Gotham City Chronicles tabletop RPG

“Why do we roll Master Bruce?”

An image of artwork from Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - The Roleplaying Game
Image credit: Monolith, DC, Warner Bros

A tabletop roleplaying game based on the Batman comic book universe allows people to play as key characters such as Batman and Catwoman.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles -The Roleplaying Game is an upcoming RPG based on the DC comic book franchise featuring The Bat, alongside his various allies and enemies. With a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign currently live, Gotham City Chronicles - The Roleplaying Game will provide players with the option to create their own characters – whether they’re vigilantes, detectives, reporters or even criminals – or play as a key character from the world of Batman.

Players will be able to choose from a roster of beloved characters from the Batman universe including the Caped Crusader himself, as well as one of his many allies, such as Nightwing or Batgirl, or even one of his foes – like the eco-warrior Poison Ivy or The Penguin. When creating their character, players will have access to 30 different character profiles that have been sorted into three primary modes, depending on the kind of gameplay experience they want.

A trailer for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - The Roleplaying Game.

The Streets of Gotham character style is primarily for characters who work around those engaged in the battle for the city’s soul such as the detectives, experts, bodyguards, crooks and lawyers. For players who want to get involved in the more vigilante style of roleplaying, the Shadows of Gotham City will enable them to play as crime-fighters like Batman or supervillains like The Joker, as well as other people with amazing skills. Alternatively, the Wonders of Gotham City playstyle provides options for players to create or control characters who have been gifted with superpowers, such as the aforementioned Poison Ivy or characters like Killer Croc.

Depending on whichever playstyle and profile players choose, they’ll have access to a collection of Ways representing their skills, abilities and natural powers, which will provide bonuses to the actions they perform. Players will be able to apply their character’s Ways to whatever they’re attempting to do, with certain character types being more accomplished at certain approaches than others.

The gameplay system for Gotham City Chronicles -The Roleplaying Game is based on the D20 system – Untold Tales Modern. All characters have six characteristics that represent their different qualities, with players rolling a d20 and adding their respective modifiers to their result to determine whether their character succeeded or failed at their attempted task. Throughout the tabletop RPG, players will also have to navigate an ethics system that their characters can choose to adhere to or completely disregard.

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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - The Roleplaying Game was created and is set to be published by Monolith, the studio behind the Batman City Chronicles Board Game – whose third season of content is included in the same Kickstarter campaign as the one for the RPG – and the Conan: Beyond the Monolith project – which was cancelled due to its crowdfunding campaign being a “failure”.

The Kickstarter campaign for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - The Roleplaying Game is live until June 10th, with a pledge of €55 (£48/$58) getting backers a copy of the core rulebook in September 2023.

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