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Be Like a Crow creator invites players to now Be Like a Cat in new RPG

Feline first.

The creator behind solo tabletop roleplaying game Be Like a Crow, Tim Roberts, is releasing another self-explanatory animal RPG.

Be Like a Cat is an upcoming TRPG sees players becoming feline adventurers exploring a fictional world through the mind of a cat. As a solo RPG, players will be playing alone using the Be Like a Cat book, some paper-and-a-pen and a handful of d6 dice. Players will be able to experience the life of either a feral, stray or pet moggy from kittenhood to a senior cat, with all the unique trials and tribulations that come with it.

As a cat adventurer, players will prowl the streets in the solo RPG – looking for new territories to explore. Players can pick between a variety of world settings for their game, including an urban or a cyber-kitty scenario. Depending on whichever archetype players pick, their cat character will experience life as a pampered pet, a rugged stray or a wild feral. When creating their kitty, players can choose between various breeds, grant them certain skills and give them a name.

The map book for Be Like a Cat RPG.

Players will begin their tabletop RPG cat-life as a kitten, with every new lifecycle stage coming as they discover new territory. Each new lifecycle will see players learning fresh skills, each of which will be divided into one of four main categories: movement, social, sensory and combat. Besides gaining new skills, advancement can also be measured in the growth of a cat’s group – or clowder – with every feline addition enabling the player to cover, take and hold even more ground.

During the tabletop roleplaying game, players move across a map made up of hexagons with each newly discovered hexagon involving a die roll, the result of which being determined by a d66 prompt table. Players will take note of, and respond to, the prompt depending on the combination of numbers rolled. Whatever players find and however they choose to react to it will decide their cat’s journey, which they will then write down in their journal. Should players ever come across a particularly dangerous situation – such as combat or a precarious balancing scenario – then they may have to lose one of their nine cat lives.

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Apart from Be Like a Cat and Be Like a Crow, Roberts has designed several other TRPGs including multiple supplements for D&D 5E such as A Yuletide Snowball Massacre, which provides players with a winter-themed battle royal. Critical Hit, which was founded by Roberts, is the publisher for Be Like a Cat, as well as the aforementioned Be Like a Crow.

The Kickstarter campaign for Be Like a Cat is live until May 21st, with a pledge of £17 ($21) getting backers a physical copy of the RPG in August. Alternatively, a digital version of the game is available for a pledge of £8 ($10).

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