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Ride atop flying cows and bears in fantasy tabletop RPG Between Clouds

Kicking back with Kirin.

Jump on top of a trusty steep and fly through the skies in Between Clouds, a tabletop roleplaying game set in a fantasy universe.

An upcoming tabletop RPG, Between Clouds is set in a biopunk world populated by large flying creatures called Kirin. Besides the ability to fly, Kirin also have a volatile genetic code that can influence those who happen to form a bond with them. Most people in the world of Between Clouds are fearful of the Kirin, believing that they abduct innocents and eat them in their lairs. However, as outsiders, the player characters in Between Clouds decide to leave greater society to live with the Kirin and find themselves changing because of it.

When a human forms a bond with a Kirin in Between Clouds they become a Symbiote, which not only enables them to ally with the flying beast but also causes them to physically change. Linking with a Kirin in the fantasy RPG sees the player character taking on certain physical traits from the creature, including a select power and mutations. Potential powers in Between Clouds can be abilities like manipulating the surrounding fauna and flora or even being able to fly. Whereas mutations revolve around changes like growing bat-like ears for better hearing or even just having a more bestial nose.

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Becoming a Symbiote in Between Clouds will force the player characters to reject society and become nomadic, travelling across the skies to head the calls of those in need. As Kirin are feared and shunned by society, so are the Symbiotes, with the player characters will need to be wary of others and jump to protect their companions if need be. When a group of Symbiotes come together they form a family that stives to look out for each other and compliment their fellow Symbiotes abilities. Potential Kirin that player characters can form bonds with includes Bovine – or cows – and Ursine – or bears - among others, with players riding around in saddles.

The Mutant: Year Zero gameplay system is used in Between Clouds, with players rolling d6 dice to determine whether their actions are successful or not. Rolling multiple sixes enables players to buy flourishes that provide bonus effects to their results. Whenever player characters find themselves in a bind they can spend their unity points to call on their bonded Kirin’s aid. Alongside the power they’re granted by their bonded Kirin, player character can acquire new powers by meeting and rescuing other Kirin in the wild. Players can choose from a variety of different roles when creating their character including a mechanic, brawler and jester.

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Between Clouds was created by Andi Licht, a game designer and artist whose previous work includes Soulbound – Dark Industrial Fantasy, a tabletop RPG that features an industrial setting that also contains magical weapons.

The Kickstarter campaign for Between Clouds is live Until April 21st, with a pledge of $12 (£10) getting backers a PDF copy of the RPG in March 2023.

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