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Race for the Galaxy publisher’s next space board game goes Beyond the Sun

Good Play Sunshine.

Race for the Galaxy and Roll for the Galaxy publisher Rio Grande has announced a new sci-fi board game for release later this year, Beyond the Sun.

Beyond the Sun sees humanity departing Earth as the planet starts to die, with players’ faction leaders setting off into the galaxy in search of new planets to colonise.

Gameplay involves players performing actions on a central technology board, with research gradually unlocking additional abilities and more efficient ways to create resources, move spaceships and discover further technology. Each player advances their technology individually, with each person having to unlock the skills separately in order to use them.

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The technological advancements are represented by a tech tree of cards, with players moving along the branches as they progress. Dozens of different technology cards are said to be in the game, for wide variability between playthroughs.

The game’s economy is described as a unique cyclical system. Players must decide whether to invest in growing their economy or producing food to boost their faction’s civilisation and expansion across the universe.

The game ends when a specific number of achievements are reached, with the most points determining the winner. Multiple ways of achieving victory are said to be possible, from focusing on technological prowess to planetary expansion or military domination.

Beyond the Sun is the debut game from designer Dennis K. Chan, who is joined by artist Franz Vohwinkel, co-illustrator of games including Puerto Rico, Clank! In! Space! and The Quest for El Dorado. The upcoming release plays with two to four people in 90 to 120 minutes.

As well as sci-fi card game Race for the Galaxy, its dice game spin-off Roll for the Galaxy and board game New Frontiers, publisher Rio Grande Games has released Dominion, Concordia and Power Grid, among others.

Beyond the Sun will be released this October, with an RRP of $75.

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