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6 Nimmt! designer’s classic Monopoly-esque board game is getting a re-release

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A remake of a classic board game from the designer of 6 Nimmit! - Wolfgang Kramer – is coming from Funko Games.

Originally released in 1994, Big Boss sees players attempting to build their own business empires by investing in various companies and cutting out the competition. The upcoming board game remake will retain all of the gameplay elements featured within the original version, which was explicitly based on another classic board game about business called Acquire.

Due to its focus on property investment, Big Boss could be seen as an alternative to Monopoly. The board game for two to six players has people founding companies by buying a percentage of their shares, all in the hopes of their purchase paying off later down the line. As companies grow and become more lucrative, the share prices will increase – reflecting the success they’re experiencing.

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Players’ success will also be represented by the height of the buildings they own – which are placed on the board as 3D objects - with every story indicating the amount of wealth they’ve acquired. As their wealth grows, players will be able to acquire multiple businesses and buildings, which will spread across the board.

However, should two businesses fall adjacent to one another, players will have the opportunity to acquire both and merge them into a single company. Whenever another business is acquired, players will be able to place their signifier atop its highest point. Whichever player has the most capital by the end of the game is declared its winner.

The remake of Big Boss will feature a redesigned board, components and art-style inspired by the Art Deco movement that was hugely popular in the US during the 1920s. Players will also be able to play the original version of Big Boss using specific components and the original rules.

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Besides creating Big Boss and 6 Nimmit!, Kramer is known for co-designing the two-player board game Tikal with Michael Kiesling and the racing board game Downforce with Rob Daviau and Justin D. Jacobson. Alongside Big Boss, Funko Games is responsible for releasing the Funkoverse Strategy Game and an upcoming Disney board game called Disney Animated.

Big Boss is set to be released in June 2023 for $35 (£28).

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