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Bolt Action: Third Edition will help new players get into the World War II miniatures wargame

Features scenarios in Germany, North Africa and the Pacific.

An image of Bolt Action miniatures.
Image credit: Osprey Games, Warlord Games

A new edition of the Bolt Action series of miniature wargames will provide more ways for newer players to get into the franchise.

The Bolt Action series sees players taking command of various armies and fighting in scenarios inspired by the historical battles of World War II. From US paratroopers to British ground troops, the miniatures wargame series enables players to take control of various soldiers and vehicles. As well as various troop types, the Bolt Action series includes sets directly inspired by various historical military campaigns such as the clash between the US marines and Japanese troops across the Pacific Islands.

The upcoming Third Edition of Bolt Action will feature scenarios inspired by the various conflicts of WWII, such as the Normandy Landings, the battles across North Africa, the skirmishes through Asia’s jungles and fighting throughout the streets of cities like Arnhem, Stalingrad and Berlin.

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As well as new scenarios, the World War II game will include a collection of fresh armies for players to deploy. These new armies feature everything from standard rifle platoons to heavily armoured tank forces, as well as reconnaissance patrols and artillery units.

On top of the new scenarios and armies, Bolt Action: Third Edition will provide a refined and updated set of rules that will both challenge seasoned veterans of the game - with the opportunity to form detailed strategies around force composition - and be accessible to entirely new players. The edition will contain starter army lists designed to welcome fresh people to the wargame, as well as a scenario generation system.

An image of Bolt Action: Third Edition
Image credit: Osprey Games, Warlord Games

Bolt Action: Third Edition will be co-released by Warlord Games and Osprey Games, a publisher that is also responsible for releasing skirmish miniatures games such as Frostgrave and When Nightmares Come.

The release date for Bolt Action: Third Edition is set for 26th September.

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