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Bridge Constructor video game is being turned into a board game by Tapeworm studio

A bridge too far?

Bridge Constructor, the popular video game about building haphazard crossings, is getting its own board game adaptation.

The upcoming board game, dubbed Bridge Constructor: Breaking Point, looks to translate the chaotic gameplay of the original video game into a tabletop experience. Designed to support two to four players, Breaking Point will revolve around the premise of building bridges using the supplies available to ensure that various vehicles can cross safely. As engineers, the players will need to be shrewd about how they use their limited amount of resources to provide a stable enough crossing.

As in the original video game, Breaking Point challenges its players to utilise an absurdly insufficient number of building materials to make a bridge for increasingly heavier vehicles to drive on. Every round will have players decide whether they want to strengthen their existing bridge using a new tile or entirely rebuild it. Alternatively, players can choose to test the bridge’s structural integrity with either a super light, light, medium or heavy vehicle, which will affect the crossing in various different ways.

Tow truck Bridge Constructor: Breaking Point artwork

Not only will players have to be careful about the challenges presented by each type of vehicle, they will also have to be wary of their opponents using event cards to cause sudden devastation to the bridge. Whichever player is able to provide safe passage to the most vehicles before the time runs out is named the winner of the game.

Bridge Constructor: Breaking Point was created by Jeb Havens, the designer behind the Critical Role themed board game Uk’otoa and Burrows, a tabletop title about being gopher ranchers in a tourism town. The board game is set to be published by Maestro Media, the studio responsible for releasing The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls – a video game board game based on the popular roguelike title – and Tapeworm, a humorous card game involving the infamous worms.

Bridge Constructor is a video game series published by Headup on Android, iOS, PC, Nintendo Switch and various other consoles. In the game, players attempt to design and create their own bridges that will support a variety of vehicles. As the game progresses, the levels present players with new challenges, as well as materials to use in construction. The title’s physics engine forces players to think carefully about how their bridge will interact with vehicles and sometimes results in chaotic effects.

A Kickstarter campaign for Bridge Constructor: Breaking Point is set to launch sometime in September, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed. There are also plans for the title to be distributed to retail stores.

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