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Too Many Bones studio’s next board game is co-op robot heist Burncycle

Burning up Kickstarter next week.

Too Many Bones creator Chip Theory Games has announced its latest board game Burncycle, launching on Kickstarter next week.

Burncycle is a cooperative game set in a far-flung future Earth populated by the last remnants of humanity and a civilisation of robots, who helped save mankind after it was almost wiped out.

In the game, players control a team of robots as they infiltrate humanity’s headquarters in order to break free of their attempts to once again control machine-kind.

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The team moves between different floors of the corporate HQ, exploring rooms to acquire helpful items and hacking networks to advance their way up the building, dealing with both guards and digital security along the way. Each floor is generated from modular neoprene mat rooms, presenting a different layout during each playthrough.

A random set of “programming directives” determine the order in which the robots must take specific actions during a round, with players able to skip directives or disobey them by spending action dice; the game’s name refers to the “burncycle” achieved by following the given directives while also successfully using the team to its full capability to complete each set of objectives. The team succeeds in their heist if they fulfil all objectives without the group’s captain being defeated or the threat level reaching its maximum.

The upcoming game plays with up to four people - or with a single player in a solo mode - taking around 45 minutes per person. Chip Theory describes the “medium”-weight gameplay as being less complex than its well-received dice-building RPG board game Too Many Bones.

Burncycle will launch on Kickstarter on November 10th, with the crowdfunding campaign running for nine days. The game is expected to arrive with backers in August 2021. The base game will cost $115 as part of the Kickstarter, reduced from its estimated RRP of $130.

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