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Butts on Things is a card game about items that look like arses

Grab a buttload.

A new card game challenges players to find match cards depicting various items that look like butts.

Butts on Things is an upcoming game that has two to four players spending around 20 frantic minutes looking at arse-shaped objects on cards. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.)

During the fast-moving card game, players will be laying down cards within a grid, with all players working on the same shared grid. As players lay down their butt cards, they’ll be keeping an eye out for any cards that have matching illustrations on.

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If a row or column ever begins and ends with matching cards, then players will want to quickly capture that row or column for themselves. Players score points from capturing cards, so they’ll have to keep their eyes on the prize during the quick board game. During the game, players will also have the opportunity to acquire cards by activating the “grab a buttload” mode, wherein players will be able to engage in a mad dash to grab as many butt cards as they can.

Whoever has the most points from their card collection by the end of the game is named the winner.

Butts on Things is set to be published by Gamewright, the studio responsible for releasing the likes of the co-op board game Forbidden Island, wherein players work together to find the items they need to escape a gradually sinking land, the party card game Sushi Go! - in which players compete to collect various sets of sushi cards – and the dice-rolling game Qwixx.

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The artwork and concept for Butts on Things was inspired by the illustrations of Brian Cook, an artist who has previously released a comedy art book also entitled Butts on Things. Beginning as a morning artistic diversion, Butts on Things became a series of illustrations that are now featured in the Butts on Things board game.

There is yet to be a set release date or retail price for the Butts on Things board game.

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