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Wingspan digital developer behind video game version of Calico, will feature virtual cats

Quilt or quit.

Monster Couch, the developer behind the digital version of Wingspan, has created a video game version of the board game Calico.

Adapted from the 2020 board game about sewing cozy blankets, Quilts & Cats of Calico is a digital board game for one to four players that will enable them to challenge their friends online. The upcoming video game will have players constructing tasteful quilts from different scraps of fabric, with the aim of scoring points by making fetching patterns and attracting the various adorable cats lurking around. Combining certain colours and patterns together will net players points, with the potential for sewing on buttons and having kitties rest their soft heads there.

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As players sew their quilts, a gathering of cute cats will actively gamble, play and sleep across the game screen. Using their cursor, players will be able to interact with the various kitties, petting them or shooing them off should they ever get in the way. Players will even have the option to create their very own virtual cat who will appear in their games, naming it and selecting an appropriate background for it to do its kitty things on.

Players will be able to challenge each other over online multiplayer, either starting matches with friends or taking on random players in a ranked mode – there will also be weekly challenges and an overall player ranking. Alternatively, Quilts & Cats of Calico will feature a solo game mode that sees players taking on AI opponents of varying difficulty. The video game will also include a campaign mode in which players progress through a story about an itinerant tailor who uses their craft to make beautiful quilts with a world stricken by war. As a dedicated tailor, players will be standing up to a soulless corporation threatening their small guild, using their gifts of quilting to save them.

A screenshot for Quilts & Cats of Calico video game.
Image credit: Monster Couch

Calico was designed by Kevin Russ, who also co-created the fantasy board game Overboss: A Boss Monster Adventure with Aaron Mesburne and the plant growing game Verdant with Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, Mesburne and Shawn Stankewich. Flatout Games is the studio responsible for releasing Calico, with the company also being known for publishing last year’s wildlife-themed board game Cascadia.

Quilts & Cats of Calico will be released for PC via the Steam store sometime in 2023.

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