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Call of Kilforth takes the third entry in the series to the high seas

Not exactly smooth sailing.

The next entry in the Gloom of Kilforth board game series, Call of Kilforth, takes players into the southern waters of the fantasy series’ world.

Call of Kilforth is the third instalment in the Fantasy Quest Games series and invites players to continue the fight against the Ancients and the gloom they bring. After a powerful ally is summoned by a collection of high mages, called the veilwraith, it appears that the people of Kilforth can rest easy in the hopes that they will be saved from the spread of the gloom. However, the Ancients do not rest on the laurels and once again rise up to finalise their plans. As heroes against the Ancients, the players must sail across the southern seas of Kilforth to save their world once again.

A co-op board game for one to four players, Call of Kilforth presents an open-world featuring various locations, quests, enemies and rewards to encounter. Capable of being played with the original Gloom of Kilforth or as its own game, Call of Kilforth challenges players to defeat the evil Ancients within 25 days or risk the arrival of the end of the world. As heroes of Kilforth, players can choose where they want to travel across the southern point of the world - which is made up of a coastal environment and a treacherous ocean - and what they want to do on their turn.

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What players achieve during the day phase of the game will determine how well their heroes and the world of Kilforth fare against the plots of the Ancients, which take place during the night phase. Players can choose to directly respond to the Ancients’ plots or whether to ignore them in favour of retaining their strength for a future encounter. Throughout the game, players will need to balance the need to gather power against the Ancients, with managing the negative effects caused by the Ancients’ deeds.

During their turn, players can do a variety of things - whose number will depend upon their current health point total - such as travelling to different locations, searching for potential encounters, discovering rewards, buying and selling items or even levelling up their characters to improve their abilities. Besides the game’s main collaborative mode, Call of Kilforth can also be played as a solo game with the player managing multiple heroes.

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Call of Kilforth was created by Tristan Hall, the designer behind the original Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game, and its first sequel Shadows of Kilforth, as well as the historical-themed tabletop title 1066, Tears to Many Mothers. Hall or Nothing Productions, the studio responsible for releasing the previous entries in the Fantasy Quest Game series, is set to publish Call of Kilforth.

The Kickstarter campaign for Call of Kilforth is live until January 7th, with a pledge of £52 ($68) getting backers a copy of the core game that’s estimated to arrive in January 2023.

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