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Parks publisher’s next release is a redesign of two-player heist game Caper: Europe

Steal some time away.

Become criminal masterminds and plan thefts across the continent in Caper: Europe, an upcoming redesign of a board game about performing heists.

A board game for two players, Caper: Europe is themed around classic heist movies set in exotic locations across the European continent, where rival thieves attempt to pull-off impressive illegal jobs. The players become masterminds each in charge of their own criminal operations whose goals are to successfully carry out as many thefts as possible - collecting loot and out-witting their opponent along the way.

Taking place over the course of six rounds, Caper: Europe sees players taking turns to deploy their chosen thieves across the continent on different heists. Players can attempt to gain dominance over a location by playing cards with special abilities, establishing themselves as the more prepared mastermind. By assigning useful pieces of gear to their different thieves, players can give them an upper hand on pulling off their designated jobs.

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As the game progresses, players will gradually acquire more points by establishing their control over different locations, gathering expensive stolen goods and granting their thieves their preferred pieces of equipment. The winner of the board game is whoever has the most points by the end of the six rounds.

The original Caper is a two-player board game released in 2018 that sees players recruiting thieves and sending them to carry out heists in various different countries. Players will need to equip their employees with the right gear to carry out their selected jobs, with the targets being priceless works of art.

Caper: Europe was created by Unai Rubio, the designer behind the original Caper and another two-player card game about rival criminals called It’s Mine.

Keymaster Games is the publisher behind both the original Caper and the upcoming Caper: Europe, as well as the relaxing board game about US National Parks - called Parks - and the horror themed card game Campy Creatures.

The Kickstarter campaign for Caper: Europe is set to launch on March 2nd, with Keymaster yet to confirm pledge amounts or an estimated release date.

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