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Call of Cthulhu expansions and Carbon Grey RPG coming from newly formed publisher

Written by Alien RPG author.

Magnetic Press Play, a brand new tabletop studio, is set to release expansions for the Call of Cthulhu series and an RPG based on the Carbon Grey graphic novels.

A company formed from Magnetic Press - a publisher of graphic novels such as the 1000 Storms and A Glance Backwards - Magnetic Press Play will be releasing a collection of new tabletop titles, including expansions for the classic horror roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu and adaptations of “several beloved anime series” that are yet to be confirmed.

Carbon Grey RPG book

The studio’s first tabletop RPG will be based on the Carbon Grey graphic novel series, which is published by Image Comics - the company best known for releasing The Walking Dead, Invincible, Fables and Saga series of comics - and co-written by Paul Gardner and Hoang Nguyen. Its story focuses on two twins who are born to a noble family in the fictional country of Mitteleuropa. Set in a diesel-punk inspired universe that presents an alternative history that’s “reminiscent of World War I-era Europe,” the upcoming RPG will see players engaging in both political intrigue and the paranormal.

Carbon Grey will be built using the D6 System, which serves as the core rule-set for multiple roleplaying games released by West End Games - including the studio’s Star Wars and Ghostbusters TRPGs - and is being licenced by Magnetic Press Play for this RPG. Andrew E C Gaska, a writer behind last year’s Alien RPG and the Terminator RPG, is the author and game designer responsible for the Carbon Grey roleplaying game.

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Magnetic Press Play was founded by Mike Kennedy, a writer who has previously worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics - a publisher known for releasing graphic novel adaptations of popular video games such as Mass Effect and the Critical Role comic series - alongside video game studios EA, the company behind the Battlefield franchise, and Call of Duty publisher Activision.

Carbon Grey: The Role-Playing Game is yet to receive a confirmed release date or retail price, with details surrounding the aforementioned Call of Cthulhu expansions also unconfirmed.

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