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Catacombs board game changes its name to Monster Pit: Overworld

A dexterous identity switch.

The latest entry in the Catacombs series of board games has undergone a name change, becoming Monster Pit: Overworld.

Originally announced as Catacombs Monster Pit, Monster Pit: Overworld is still set within the world of the dexterity board game franchise - in which a kingdom is regularly besieged by creatures living below the surface of the Earth - but according to its listing on publisher Elzra Game’s website, will no longer be released under the series’ name.

The reason behind the name change has not been confirmed, with the title getting a Kickstarter campaign in November 2020, which was subsequently canceled by the studio just two days after launch. According to an update on the Kickstarter page, the decision to cancel the campaign was driven by feedback from backers criticising the pledge rewards, more backers wanting copies of Catacombs: Third Edition and confusion around how Catacombs Monster Pit worked as a game. Elzra has not confirmed whether Monster Pit: Overworld will be getting its own Kickstarter campaign or if the title will be released straight into retail.

Catacombs: Monster Pit board game layout
Components for the original Catacombs Monster Pit.

Monster Pit: Overworld is a board that has players becoming the brave captains tasked with protecting the kingdom against the fiendish catacomb lord who has plans of conquest. Set within the Citadel of Arezibet, the fantasy board game will see players on the overworld seeking out various heroes - each with their own unique abilities - to join their fight against the armies that lurk below. Meanwhile, the catacomb lord will be gradually moving towards the gates of the citadel, bringing their hordes of monsters with them.

Once the catacomb lord arrives, players will need to use the heroes they’ve gathered to battle against the forces of the catacomb lord. Using their chosen hero, players take turns to take aim and flick their tokens towards the enemy pieces with the aim of hitting them and doing damage. Depending on which piece they flicked, players will be able to use weapon attacks or spells, with both dealing different amounts of damage. If players manage to defeat the catacomb lord before it’s too late, then they are named the winners.

Besides the overworld mode, Monster Pit: Overworld also features a mode that has one player taking the role of the overseer and controlling one of five potential catacomb lords. As the overseer, the player will be defended by an army of outlaws as their realm is invaded by surface forces, with the goal being to surface the invasion from above.

Monster Pit: Overworld was co-designed by Nick Seddon and Aron West, the co-creator of the original Catacombs, as well as the popular Third Edition and multiple spin-off titles such as Catacombs & Castles and Catacombs Conquest. Besides publishing Monster pit: Overworld, Elzra is best known for releasing every entry in the Catacombs series of games including the original and the aforementioned Third Edition.

Elzra has not confirmed when Monster Pit: Overworld will be released and for how much.

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