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Lil Bub and other famous felines feature in party game Catastrophe: A Game of 9 Lives

Social me-owdia.

Pit some of the most beloved cats on social media against one another in Catastrophe: A Game of 9 Lives, an upcoming board game featuring the likes of Lil Bub and more.

Catastrophe is a party game for two to six players inspired by famous felines found across Instagram, Twitter and beyond. The game includes cards and characters based on well known online cats such as Lil Bub - who gathered a large following on social media before she passed away in 2019 - Cole and Marmalade, Molly and Monty Happiness and Hosico, alongside numerous other furry friends depicted as parody versions of classic characters including Purrincess Aurora and Robo Cat.

In the game, players choose between a selection of cat characters, before taking turns to play cards from their hand and resolve the effects. Every player has exactly nine lives, which may be whittled down as their opponents use their cards against them. Players draw cards from the main deck, whilst also receiving cards from the power deck - which are placed face up for all the players to see. Each player then chooses to play any cards from their hand or from in front of them, using the different abilities against their opponents.

Catastrophe game layout

Once a player has finished activating their cards, they draw three new cards from the main deck and then reveal the top card of the catastrophe deck. The effects of the catastrophe deck can affect one or multiple players, with the various events resulting in potentially both positive or negative outcomes. After the catastrophe card has been resolved, the next player along is able to take their turn. This continues until all the players but one have lost their lives, with the remaining player being crowned the winner.

Update:This article previously stated that Brieger Creative was responsible for designing Catastrophe. The game's designer is Josh Norris. This has since been corrected.

Catastrophe: A Game of 9 Lives was designed by Josh Norris, with gameplay development from Brieger Creative - a company that worked on the development of fantasy game Cartographers. The artwork for the game was co-created by illustrator Jenny Parks, who has previously created art for the Marvel National Cat Day Covers, and Viticulture artist Jacqui Davis. The illustration for the title’s minigames were created by Jason Taylor, who has previously worked on the Unmatched and Fireball Island series.

Original Sasquatch, a recently formed publishing company, is the studio responsible for releasing Catastrophe.

The campaign for Catastrophe: A Game of 9 Lives is set to be launched on Kickstarter on May 4th, with pledge amounts yet to be confirmed.

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