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Predator inspired adventure featured in Forged in the Dark RPG CBR+PNK

If it bleeds, we can hack it.

Experience a tabletop RPG adventure inspired by the classic 1980s film Predator with CBR+PNK.

Called PRDTR, the adventure – which takes cues from movies such as the aforementioned Predator, as well as Annihilation and Firebase – sees players attempting to complete a search & rescue scenario whilst being pursued by a seemingly relentless hunter. Similarly to the ‘80s film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the players must try to move through a jungle – this time set on a lunar terraforming colony – that has been recently compromised by a mysterious figure that’s picking people off. The PRDTR adventure comes with an adversary system that determines how the hunter acts, as well as an optional assignment system that offers player characters secret agendas to complete, sometimes to the detriment of the others.

Other new content for the sci-fi roleplaying game CBR+PNK includes Framework, a pamphlet that provides guidance to game masters on how to build their very own adventures – or /RUN storylines – for the game, and +Weird, a supplement that enables GMs to create strange scenarios or elements for their CBR+PNK sessions focused on injecting magic into the equation.

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The above supplements are featured as part of a Kickstarter campaign for a new boxed edition of CBR+PNK called Augmented, which features eight separate pamphlets designed to help players and GM to experience the RPG. Inside the Augmented version are two separate core rulebooks, one for games masters to help them run the game and another for players to allow them to make characters and play CBR+PNK. New additions include new rules for letting players upgrade characters on the fly, fresh rules for the gameplay, a system for creating epilogue and harder threats for more advanced players.

CBR+PNK is a sci-fi roleplaying game based on the Forged in the Dark system created by John Harper – which has been used to create RPGs such as Blades in the Dark and Scum and Villainy – that introduces a minimalist version of the gameplay with cyberpunk inspirations. In the game, players become a team of Runners made up of people on the outskirts of future society, whether they’re mercenaries, activists or just plain criminals. Rather than playbooks, characters are built from a combination of approaches, skills and equipment, allowing for fluid creation. Whenever a player character faces an obstacle, they can attempt to overcome it using their specific attributes, as well as any cyberware they might have.

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CBR+PNK was written by Emanoel Melo, a game designer, illustrator and art director, with the RPG being published by Mythopoeia and cover art created by Luis Melo.

The Kickstarter campaign for CBR+PNK, PRDTR, Framework and +Weird is live until April 7th, with a pledge of $8 (£5) getting backers access to PDF versions of the core rulebooks and supplements in June.

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