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Clank! Catacombs spin-off game sees players creating the dungeon they’re robbing

Skeletal shenanigans.

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Build and explore a dungeon in the upcoming spin-off Clank! Catacombs.

The latest entry in the Clank! tabletop series, Catacombs sees players venturing into an underground crypt in order to relieve it of its various treasures. Unlike previous entries in the deckbuilding game series, Catacombs does not have a set board for players to move their meeples around on. Instead, Catacombs has players gradually building the dungeon as they explore it. The dungeon map will be made up of different tiles that players lay down as they move through, revealing the various obstacles and potential treasures along the way.

As they explore the underground crypt, players will stumble upon all sorts of strange landmarks, and locations such as portals that can jump them across the map or wayshrines that contain riches for players to plunder. However, players will have to be wary of the many dangers that lurk in the shadows of the dungeon, including the angry spirits of the undead that will haunt player characters to death should they ever be disturbed.

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Besides the ghosts, players will also have to be wary of the dragon that stalks the halls of the catacombs, who now happens to be a skeleton. Umbrok Vessna, the skeletal dragon that calls the dungeon her home, will be listening out for any adventurers foolhardy enough to make noise while sneaking through the catacombs’ passageways. Just like in previous entries in the fantasy board game series, every clank that players make will increase their chances of being flamed by the angry dragon looking for intruders.

Clank! Catacombs can be played as a standalone game or alongside any of the expansions released for the original Clank!, should players happen to have any.

The creator of Clank! Catacombs is Paul Dennen, the designer behind the original board game as well as other deckbuilding games such as Dune: Imperium – which was awarded the 2022 As d’Or for best expert board game – and the upcoming tile-laying game Wild Tiled West.

A promo image for Clank! Catacombs.

Dire Wolf is the studio responsible for releasing Clank! Catacombs, with the company recently acquiring complete publishing rights to the series from Renegade Game Studios.

The original Clank! sees players delving into a dungeon in search of treasure. On a player’s turn, they’ll have to play every card in their hand – including those that have less than positive effects – in order to move through the dungeon and reach the riches they seek. Whenever a clank card is played, a cube matching that player’s meeple colour is placed into a pool. Should a dragon card ever be drawn into the market, all the cubes in the pool are placed into a bag and a number are randomly drawn. Any cubes matching a player’s colour result in them being damaged by the dragon’s flames.

Clank! Catacombs is yet to receive a release date or retail price.

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