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Cluedo Conspiracy twists the murder mystery formula with hidden identities and an island resort vibe

Whodunnit on holiday.

Cluedo Conspiracy identity card in hand in front of board
Image credit: Hasbro

Tabletop mainstay Cleudo has announced a new spinoff board game that mixes hidden identity mechanics into the classic murder mystery. Cluedo Conspiracy trades the stuffy manor for beachside bungalows but still asks players to solve for who, where and with what deadly weapon.

As if inspired by Detective Benoit Blanc in his Glass Onion summer attire (if not his scathing condemnation of the game - of which we agree), Cluedo Conspiracy is awash in summer vibes and the straight-up requirement that you lie to your friends. That’s because along with the role of Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, etc. each player will also be assigned a hidden role that dictates their job over the course of the game.

The murder of the resort’s manager, Mr. Coral, hasn’t happened just yet, but someone amongst the players wants to see the man dead. It’s up to the rest of the group to protect the hapless victim until they can uncover the plot. Much like other social deduction games, players won’t know who belongs to which side until the end of the game and will have to trust their intuition (or gut) as schemes are hatched and plots thicken.

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The Conspiracy wins the game if they manage to murder Mr. Coral in a specific location and with a certain weapon decided at the beginning of the session. Alternatively, they can use traps placed throughout the resort to finish the deed. One member will be the ringleader, while others might end up as co-conspirators aiding them from the shadows. The other side, called the Friends, must either disarm the trap or uncover the plot by searching for evidence before Mr. Coral meets his untimely demise.

Clue Conspiracy can support between four and 10 players by expanding its roster of characters to include new faces such as Director Rosewood, Analyst Hyacinth and Dean Celadon. While the resort doesn’t have the hidden passageways and gridded board of the original board game, it shifts that complexity into the social intrigue around gathering evidence. Because everyone is ostensibly on the same team, everyone will gather clues and choose to bluff, conceal or strategically offer evidence to throw off suspicion. The focus is less on physical locations and more on ulterior motives.

A web-based app accessed via QR code provides setup guides, instructional videos, timers for use during play and other accessibility features. Clue Conspiracy is available to purchase now on Amazon for $24.99 and will be available in other retailers, include physical stores on August 1st.

This title is just the latest in Cluedo’s ongoing rebranding and brand expansion effort, which included a line of murder mystery boxes in the Exit style. Publisher Hasbro also gave the classic cast a full aesthetic upgrade that - intentionally or otherwise - added a surprising amount of sex appeal to the potential murderers.

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