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Coven Aunts is a wholesome tabletop RPG about drinking wine and being witches

Discover your auntsona.

Coven Aunts is a new tabletop roleplaying game that has players becoming a group of wholesome witches.

An upcoming RPG that features both witchcraft and wine-drinking, Coven Aunts has players becoming aunts and witches: fully indulging in both roles. As a coven of aunts, the players will spend their time doing various witchy things – from potion brewing to spell-crafting – using a very simple dice-rolling system in order to do them. Players will need to juggle the demands of being a member of the coven, alongside their duties to their families.

The tabletop roleplaying game itself is based on the gameplay system of Powered by the Apocalypse, which has also been used to create TRPGs such as the Root roleplaying game and the upcoming Avatar Legends – a tabletop RPG adapted from the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra animated series. Using two d6 dice, players will be rolling to attempt to perform various actions – whether they’re tending to their witchcraft responsibilities or their aunt duties.

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When creating their auntsonas, or playable characters, the players will be using a system that randomly-generates aspects of their personality and the potential abilities. Players will use the modifiers provided by their auntsonas’ abilities, as well as any points they’ve acquired over the course of the game, in order to nudge their dice results towards success. As a rules-light roleplaying game, Coven Aunts is straightforward to learn and play for both the game master and players.

A quickplay version of Coven Aunts is available – with all of the rules found on a single page – whilst there is also a full game book that features even more guidance and ideas that will enable players to advance their characters through a campaign. There will also be five adventures for GMs to use, each one providing a new storyline for players to experience.

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Coven Aunts was created by Taylor Saranic, the founder of Vivid Worlds – the publisher of Coven Aunts – and an author who has written various supplements like Drop Dead City, Daddy Delvin’s Den of Delights and How to Start Cults and Sacrifice People.

The Kickstarter campaign for Coven Aunts is live until November 6th, with a pledge of £6 ($7) getting backers a digital PDF version of the game in January. Alternatively, the quickstart version is available for a pledge of £2 ($2).

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