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King of Tokyo designer behind game about being movie agents for Frankenstein’s Monster

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The creator of tabletop games such as King of Tokyo and The Hunger, Richard Garfield, is behind a new card game that’s themed around classic Hollywood monsters.

Called Creature Feature, the upcoming game sees players becoming agents for various movie monsters who are looking for acting gigs. From Frankenstein’s Monster to the Wolfman, the players must try their best to get these horror stars the hottest acting jobs they can, whilst making sure that they aren’t left empty handed at the end. Whoever gets the biggest roles for their monster actors is the winner.

A horror game for two to six players, Creature Feature sees people competing in a poker-style contest that has the players with higher-numbered cards winning. Each turn, players will have a hand of main star and co-star cards which they’ll be using to grab roles in the various monster movies that are up for grabs every round. Some roles are better than others and will score players more points. However, the better roles will also be the more hotly contested ones, with whoever plays the highest star and co-star card winning the role.

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During the bidding stage, players will reveal their co-star cards first, thereby giving everyone a chance to switch which roles they’re bidding for. Should the winning player’s co-star card be worth more than their star card, then that player cannot win the role unless everyone else has backed out. As the roles get more lucrative, players may want to hold onto their higher-numbered cards in the hopes of out-bidding everyone and winning the better roles.

Apart from designing Creature Feature and King of Tokyo, Garfield is best known for creating the trading card game Magic: The Gathering, unique deck game Keyforge and Netrunner, which was eventually followed by Android: Netrunner before the title was cancelled by its publisher Fantasy Flight Games. The artwork for Creature Feature was created by Terry Wolfinger.

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Trick or Trick Studios is responsible for releasing Creature Feature, with the company set to publish several horror-themed tabletop titles in the near future including a board game about a clan of disgraced vampires called Blood Orders and Trollfest, which sees players managing a rock band entirely made up of fantasy creatures.

Creature Feature is set to be released on June 1st 2022 at a retail price of $39.99 (£29).

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