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Cryptid artist confirms that a new entry in the series is on the way

Chasing rumours.

Kwanchai Moriya, the artist behind the artwork for Cryptid, has confirmed that a new entry in the series is coming.

In an interview with Dicebreaker, Moriya stated that he was wrapping up a commission for “a new Cryptid game”, which doesn’t yet have a working title but will apparently present “more stuff in that world.” Moriya did not reveal any further details regarding the upcoming board game, but spoke about his love for the original Cryptid and his experiences of working on the series’ newest entry.

“I really like cryptids and weird, unusual zoological stuff. So it's [Cryptid] a fun one to re-enter,” said Moriya, “I think it did much better than anyone really thought and so I'm glad that I'm re-entering that world.”

Originally released in 2018, Cryptid is a deduction board game about a group of rival cryptozoologists - or people interested in the study of rumoured creatures - attempting to discover the truth behind a mysterious lake-dwelling monster. A tabletop title for three to five players, Cryptid sees its challengers coordinating what information they have in order to corner the beast’s whereabouts. However, none of the searchers want to share their victory with each other, and so, must subtly seek their opponents’ clues without giving too much away about what they know.

The game board for Cryptid can be set up in a variety of different ways, depending upon which difficulty level players want to try. Cryptid also has an official companion app which provides players with support to help set up their games faster. Whichever player discovers the sea monster first is named the winner of Cryptid.

Besides Cryptid, Moriya is responsible for illustrating artwork for tabletop titles such as Dinosaur Island, a board game about creating an amusement park containing living dinosaurs, the dexterity game Catacombs: Third Edition and the sci-fi themed title Under Falling Skies.

Catacombs dexterity board game box artwork
Catacombs: Third Edition cover.

Cryptid was designed by Hal Duncan and Ruth Veevers, and was published by Osprey Games - a tabletop studio best known for releasing the World War 2 games Undaunted: Normany and North Africa.

Moriya also revealed to Dicebreaker that there would be a new expansion for the science fiction game Sidereal Confluence - “I’ve been working on some Sidereal Confluence expansion work and that’s been fun,” - but did not unveil the expansion’s title or any gameplay details.

Following Moriya’s comments, Dicebreaker reached out to Osprey Games regarding a new entry in the Cryptid series. A representative for the publisher said that it currently has no official news on Cryptid, but indicated that more information may be announced soon.

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