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Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone turns the tabletop RPG into a beginner-friendly miniatures game

First game built on [RE]action system.

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone, the miniatures game spin-off from the latest edition in the long-running tabletop RPG series, has hit Kickstarter.

First announced last year, Combat Zone sees gangs of scrap for control of the futuristic setting of Night City. Sharing the setting of Cyberpunk Red - last year’s major update to the ‘80s roleplaying game that Rich said "boils over with attitude and infectious enthusiasm" in our review - Combat Zone takes place in 2045, several decades after ‘90s tabletop instalment Cyberpunk 2020 and before video game adaptation Cyberpunk 2077.

A skirmish game - in which players control small handfuls of models, rather than the sweeping armies of Warhammer 40,000 - Combat Zone is the first game to be powered by studio Monster Fight Club’s beginner-friendly [RE]action gameplay system. The simplified system allows characters to perform actions coded using a traffic-light system - split into red, yellow and green actions - that then determine which dice they roll, from d12 to d6, to perform actions, their attack’s range and how far they move using a custom ruler that’s similarly colour-coded. As characters are injured in battle, actions can degrade to red, reflecting their reduced ability while wounded. As the name suggests, the [RE]action system also allows characters targeted by an opponent’s attacks to react with a counterattack or by evading at the cost of unspent actions.

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The hacking aspects of Cyberpunk on the tabletop - expanded in card game Netrunner - are reflected by program cards that netrunners and other characters with a net deck can use to aid the other members of their team or hinder opponents.

In addition to one-off skirmishes, Combat Zone features rules for campaigns of connected missions, with gangs gaining experience, levelling up to veteran characters and obtaining improved gear and abilities as they complete personal objectives.

The core box will include two six-figure gangs - the Tyger Claws and Maelstorm - with other familiar factions from the Cyberpunk setting, including the frightening Bozos clown gang, survivalist Combat Zoners, brutal Lawmen of the NCPD and the child warriors of Gen Red, available as separate gang pack expansions. The figures are represented by plastic miniatures, some of which Monster Fight Club previously released for use with the tabletop RPG. 3D terrain, cards and tokens are also bundled in the starter set, which will set you back $120 (£87).

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Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone’s crowdfunding campaign has already raised $135,000 on its initial target of $30,000, unlocking additional miniatures, scenarios and other content for the game, as well as a digital version to be released via Tabletop Simulator.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until May 13th, with the game expected to arrive with backers next April.

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