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Deal with the Devil in next app-powered board game from Alchemists designer

Sell your soul to build a city.

The next release from Alchemists designer Matúš Kotry is Deal with the Devil, an app-powered board game about selling your soul to the devil to build a medieval city.

Deal with the Devil continues the app integration seen in Kotry’s 2014 debut, which was acclaimed for its use of a companion app to randomise the results of players’ potion concoctions as they tested mixtures and published newly-discovered theories for points.

The upcoming board game plays with exactly four players - no more, no less - who are assigned secret roles in a fantasy medieval city. Two players are mere mortals, while another is a cultist and the last is the Devil. The hidden roles are tracked by the app.

The teaser trailer for Deal with the DevilWatch on YouTube

Each player has a different victory condition depending on their role. Players are attempting to build the city by carefully managing their finances, but will inevitably need to strike deals with other players in order to fund their construction plans and pay off their debts

Mortals must try and avoid striking deals with the Devil - which comes at the cost of their soul - while the Cultist is eager to hand their soul over to the demon. Trades are handled by the companion app to keep secret which player is offering what to whom.

Players who do trade away a piece of their soul are at risk of being pursued by the Inquisition, making it risky business to exchange your humanity for wealth.

Deal with the Devil will see a European release from Alchemists publisher Czech Games Edition during this year’s Essen Spiel convention, which takes place from October 6th to 9th. A North American release date will follow later in 2022. The game will cost $69.95/€69.95.

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