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The Long Way Home 2E is a solo RPG supplement for the Deep Space D-6 board game

Stranded in sci-fi.

Find a path back from a distinct planet in The Long Way Home: Second Edition a tabletop roleplaying game spin-off from the Deep Space D-6 board game.

A GM-less RPG supplement for Deep Space D-6, The Long Way Home 2E is the latest edition of a game that has the player attempting to get their spaceship back to the United Earth Headquarters after crash-landing on a strange planet in an unknown corner of the galaxy. Having escaped an ambush with a failing warp drive and not much fuel remaining, the player will embark on a journey across multiple worlds wherein they’ll be faced with a series of difficult decisions with tough consequences.

The solo roleplaying game is played via a book, a d12 die and a copy of Deep Space D-6, with players choosing where they want their ship to travel each turn. Flying to a new location costs precious fuel, with players needing to be conscious of how much they have remaining and how far they have yet to travel. Every new planet comes with a new series of encounters and events, some of which will involve the player engaging in combat with aggressive parties.

The Long Way Home 2E dice

The result of these encounters will be determined by the players choices, their dice rolls and the modifications provided by their crew, as well as their own skill checks and past decisions. Besides combat, players will also be challenged by puzzles that they’ll have to solve using a pencil or pen and their own wits. Spaceship combat is another potential hurdle that the player will have to overcome in their journey back home, with the sci-fi RPG using the same rules as those found in Deep Space D-6 - with the player commanding their crew to perform various actions such as firing weapons or repairing damage.

Deep Space D-6 is a dice-rolling game that has players attempting to survive in a harsh galaxy filled with enemy vessels waiting to shoot them down. Throughout the game, the player will use their set of crew dice during combat encounters to assign them to different stations aboard the ship, with both external and internal threats to manage along the way.

Tony Go is the creator of both The Long Way Home 2E and Deep Space D-6, as well as other tabletop titles such as the dice rolling card game Hunters of Arcfall, the reverse dungeon-crawling board game Dragon’s Ransom and Mythic Arcana, a card game about summoning gods.

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Tau Leader Games, a studio founded by Go, will be publishing The Long Way Home 2E, after already releasing the aforementioned Deep Space D-6, Hunters of Arcfall, Dragon’s Ransom and Mythic Arcana.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Long Way Home: Second Edition is live until August 25th, with a pledge of $20 (£16) getting backers a copy of the physical version in May 2022. Alternatively, a print-and-play version is available for a pledge of $10 (£8).

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