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Horror RPG sourcebook Delta Green celebrates 25th anniversary with a new edition

A collection of Cthulhu conspiracies.

Delta Green, the roleplaying game, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a new edition.

Called Delta Green: The Conspiracy, the RPG sourcebook contains all the rules needed to experience the 1990s horror roleplaying game, but given an update to bring the title into the modern era. Initially released as a setting for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying system - which is more popular than Dungeons & Dragons in certain regions like Japan - Delta Green: The Conspiracy, now its own RPG, provides games masters and players with an overview the RPG and how they can interact with it.

Alongside The Big Picture, which offers a history and an outline of the Cthulhu mythos of Delta Green, there’s an explanation of the secret organisation itself and its most powerful nemesis - Majestic-12 - as well as its greatest single enemy The Karotechia. Other content includes an overview of Saucerwatch, which is a group of people who follow UFO phenomena, and an underground network of suspicious individuals with influential connections called The Fate.

Delta Green RPG artwork
Image credit: Arc Dream Publishing

Delta Green is a horror roleplaying game that envisions a future in which the Cthulhu mythos moves beyond the turn-of-the-century era found in the Call of Cthulhu setting and into the late 19th century and beyond. In 1982 an agency called Delta Green was created, with its members swearing to protect humanity against the unnatural things that lurk in the darkest parts of the galaxy.

In the RPG, players become agents of Delta Green and must embark on various covert missions to investigate strange phenomena and keep things under-wraps on behalf of the US government. During intense moments, such as combat encounters with terrifying monsters, player characters must be able to stay calm or risk losing themselves to the horrors standing before them.

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Delta Green: The Conspiracy was co-written by John Scott Tynes, Dennis Detwiller - co-founder of Arc Dream Publishing, the company responsible for publishing Delta Green - and Adam Scott Glancy, who were also the co-creators of the original 1996 RPG sourcebook.

The Kickstarter campaign for Delta Green: The Conspiracy is live until September 11th, with a pledge of $40 (£29) getting backers a physical copy of the sourcebook that’s estimated to arrive in April 2022. Otherwise, a digital PDF version is available for a pledge of $20 (£16).

Update: This article originally stated that Delta Green: Conspiracy was a sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu, when it is in fact its own game. This has since been corrected in both the body and title.

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