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Race for the Galaxy designer’s next release is a dice rolling game that costs over $100

Ruling and rolling.

Customise and roll to rule a kingdom in Dice Realms, an upcoming board game from the creator of Race for the Galaxy - Tom Lehmman - retailing at $119.95 (£86).

Dice Realms is a game for two to four people that sees players leading their own kingdoms, represented by a set of dice, to greatness and glory. A fantasy-themed board game, Dice Realms has players rolling their two dice in order to gather the resources they need to acquire winning victory points. Each face of the dice will benefit a different aspect of a player’s realm - from their farming, mining, military and more - with the players able to alter the odds in their favour.

During the game, players can choose to customise their dice by swapping out the faces, thereby improving their chances of getting the upgrades and benefits they want. Then, when players all simultaneously roll their dice in the next round, certain dice results might provide more opportunities for getting valuable grain and coins. However, players will need to be wary, as at the end of each round the fate die is rolled and could lead to fortune for their opponents or misfortune for themselves.

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Whichever player has the most victory points by the end of the game is named the winner.

Besides designing Dice Realms and Race for the Galaxy, Lehmann is otherwise known for co-creating the spin-off title Roll for the Galaxy - a game about creating an intergalactic empire by rolling dice - alongside Pandemic: On the Brink with Matt Leacock, the designer behind the original co-op board game, Pandemic.

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Rio Grande Games is the studio responsible for publishing Dice Realms, with its previous releases featuring the likes of the classic deckbuilding board game Dominion, as well as the Race for the Galaxy series and the bean-harvesting board game Bohnanza.

Dice Realms is set to be released sometime this December.

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