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You are the monster in upcoming solo dice game Die in the Dungeon

It’s good to be bad.

Upcoming game Die in the Dungeon is turning classic dungeon-crawling on its head, as a lone player enters the mortal world as a monster wreaking havoc and defeating unsuspecting heroes.

The DieMaster has summoned a terrible creature into a dungeon underneath DieCity in order to deal with a band of unrelenting heroes determined to disrupt their evil plans. Embodying a powerful and otherworldly monster, the player must explore the twisting and turning pathways of the dungeon to seek out do-gooders and end their heroic deeds.

The upcoming game starts with the player choosing which monster they want to play as - options including a beholder-die called the Deyeroller, Troll O’Bones, the Diemon and a Dierake - with each monster having access to several unique abilities that enable players to modify the dice they can use when performing certain actions.

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When the player has chosen their monster, they go about assigning their stat dice to each one of their monster’s traits. How they choose to assign their dice determines the kind of strengths and weaknesses their monster has. For example, assigning a d20 to speed will make their monster faster, whilst a d6 on might will make them weaker.

Once the player has created their monster, Die in the Dungeon has them assemble their dungeon layout, with the option to place tiles in any way they like - as long as the route makes logical sense.

As the player moves around their dungeon, they will encounter various different kinds of tiles, from those that force their monster to lose stat points to ambushes by meddling heroes. Fighting heroes in the single-player-only game involves rolling the monster’s stat die against the enemies’ specialised stat - for instance, fighters use might and rogues use agility. Multiple heroes not only means more enemies to take down, but that the player’s monster can suffer from deadly multiplier effects. Defeat all the heroes in the dungeon and the monster is returned to its realm showered in victory.

Deyeroller DIE in the Dungeon! board game

Die in the Dungeon was designed by Wesley Woodbury, the creator of adventure board game Legends of Novus and two-player game Duel of the Dragons.

Publishing the game is FunDaMental Games - founded by Woodbury - which has previously released the wizard-themed card game Spellbook’d and the upcoming DieMinions.

The Kickstarter campaign for Die in the Dungeon will be live until June 23rd. A pledge of CA$54 (£32) nabs a copy of the core game, estimated to arrive with backers in January 2021.

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