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Horror starter deck coming to Dinn card game next month

Enough to stop your heart.

Send shivers down your opponent’s spine with a new horror-themed deck for expandable card game Dinn, arriving on store shelves next month.

The Dinn Horror deck is the third in a series of six starter decks being released for Season One of the series and is set to launch on April 1st. Players can expect to utilise a monster mash’s worth of creepy characters with the upcoming deck, with heroes ranging from ancient unknowable beings like Azothoth the Fool - who enables players to exchange in the hero in order to grant the card every ‘horror’ attribute - to the infamous Pooka horse, who gains power for every hero a player has in their graveyard.

The fundamental mechanic at play in the Horror deck looks to revolve around powering up a player’s various heroes, granting them added attributes and increased strength if utilised in the right way. Featuring 36 new cards, the Horror deck grants players the option to exchange their heroes throughout the game - presenting new opportunities for dynamic strategies.

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Dinn is a two-player game that was released last year. In the game, players have a selection of different decks based on fictional characters and legends - such as fantasy figures like King Arthur or beasts like dinosaurs - that they must command against their opponent’s heroes. Each player has a storage of heart cards representing their remaining life energy, which they must protect from the other player whilst seeking to destroy their opponent’s collection of heart cards. This can be achieved by forcing a player to lose heart cards by having a lower total power by the end of the third reveal phase of the game.

The first reveal phase has players selecting a hero from their hand of cards and playing it in front of them, before the second reveal phase enables them to add equipment or action cards to boost their power levels or lower their opponent’s. A third reveal phase sees players doing the same, with the goal being to ensure that they have the higher power total by the end of this phase.

Dinn Pooka card

A new round begins when the results of the third phase have been resolved. Once a player runs out of heart cards, they lose the game and their opponent is victorious.

Players can also use their Dinn decks to solve various puzzles found on the cards inside. By interpreting the different elements of each card - which can involve visiting certain websites, watching videos or listening to audio files - players can attempt to decipher the clues and submit their answer through a contact form to unlock reward cards.

Gabriel Whittemore is the creator and artist behind Dinn, with Sisyphus Systems being responsible for publishing the series.

The Horror Starter Deck is available for $19.99 (£15) from the Dinn website.

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