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Find, walk and care for dogs in this adorable new board game

Time to take the lead on this one.

Be the best at taking canine companions out for their walks in Dog Park, an upcoming board game about looking after furry friends.

Dog Park is a board game where one to four players can live out their ultimate dream of caring for various pups and mutts as a fully-fledged career. People don’t always have time to properly walk and give their dogs the attention they deserve, which is why the players find themselves in the fortunate position of being hired to do exactly that. As professional dog walkers and carers, the players will be competing to do the best possible job and earn a stellar reputation for their canine career.

There are four different phases throughout each round of Dog Park, with each phase requiring a unique approach. The first phase, recruitment, sees players choosing which dogs they want to add to their kennel, using their current reputation number as their bid. In a similar fashion to many auction games, whichever player places the highest bid wins their desired lot, or dog in this case.

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Once players have obtained - or failed to obtain - their chosen dogs, they decide which ones they want to put on the lead for this round. Different dogs will have different effects whilst on their walk and will increase reputation to a certain degree, meaning that players will need to choose their dogs carefully.

Then comes the walking phase, which has players taking their chosen pups around the titular Dog Park in order to gather important resources and increase their reputation. As they move through the park, players will have opportunities to interact with their fellow walkers - with the outcome having an effect on the overall game. Finally, players return back with the dogs they’ve taken out and earn reputation, whilst losing reputation for any dogs they did not manage to take out. Whichever player has the most reputation by the end of the game is named the winner.

Dog Park layout

Dog Park was co-created by Lottie and Jack Hazell, who are co-founders of the title’s publisher - Birdwood Games - with this being the co-creators and studio’s debut release.

The Kickstarter campaign for Dog Park is set to launch tomorrow at 4pm BST (11am EST), with both a standard and Collector’s Edition - which will include two expansion packs each featuring 29 additional dog cards - to be included in the pledge rewards.

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