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Domination is the next WWII board game from the creator of sub sim Uboot

Spiritual successor to 2018’s Mini WWII.

Experience battles across land, sea and sky in Domination, the upcoming game based upon the clashes of World War II from Phalanx, the maker of Uboot: The Board Game.

Inspired by the industrial warfare of the Second World War, Domination sees players commanding units across terrain of every kind in an effort to overcome their opponents’ forces. Domination can be played as a two-player game or with up to four players - with two players controlling each side of the conflict - as the Axis and Allies clash at various locations across the globe.

Each player or team will have access to a hand of cards that determine the forces they can play, where those forces can move to and which targets they can attack on the board. Most cards in the Domination deck display a tech tree indicating how much it costs to perform an action with whatever units the player has. For example, it might cost four points to move two units to an adjacent area, with the points being split between the two forces.

Domination board game layout 2

Any points that have not been used to perform an action can be saved for later, with each side gradually gathering a potential stockpile throughout the game. The more units a player wants to use, the more points it costs, meaning that these saved points can come in very useful later on.

Peace cards can also be used in order to gain additional points during a team or player’s turn, which can then be put towards any action that side wishes to perform without another card needing to be played.

Other possible actions include playing cards to gain victory points, improving relations with neutral countries to acquire allies, upgrading technology and reserving cards for future rounds. Whichever side has the largest victory point total by the end of the game wins Domination.

Domination board game layout 1

The designer of Domination is Wei-Cheng Cheng, who has also helped to create several other wargames including Growling Tigers: The Battle for Changde, 1943 - which they co-designed - and Mini WWII, the 2018 release upon which Domination is based.

Aside from publishing app-powered submarine simulation board game Uboot, Phalanx is also known for releasing Hannibal & Hamilcar: Rome vs Carthage, an anniversary edition of the historical game, and Nanty Narking, a remake of Discworld: Ankh-Morpork that swaps Terry Pratchett’s fantasy world for Victorian London.

The Kickstarter campaign for Domination is live until July 14th. A pledge of £28/$34 gets a copy of the core game, estimated to ship in June 2021.

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