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Deckbuilding board game Dominion is now free to play on PC and mobile

A kingdom in your pocket.

Screenshot of Dominion digital from publisher's press kit
Image credit: Temple Gate Games/Rio Grande Games

The board game that claims to have popularised the deckbuilding genre has just launched a free digital adaptation on PC and mobile devices. Dominion’s official video game version is available to download on Steam and both the Android and iOS marketplaces.

This full translation of the influential tabletop classic was developed by Temple Gates in coordination with Dominion’s publisher, Rio Grande Games. Players can download the core experience, which contains everything you would find in a standard Dominion box - the ‘base’ cards sets, 26 Kingdom cards, three victory sets and three basic treasure sets - all for free.

What will cost you are any of the fifteen existing expansions that have been released throughout the fifteen years since Dominion first hit hobby store shelves. All expansions have been adapted to the new official app and are available as separate purchases within the Steam store and respective app marketplaces. Most range in price from $4.99 to $10.99, but Temple Gate offers a reduced price bundle of all expansions for those who need to own everything. Adding the expansion will also support up to six players and unlock access to ranked matchmaking.

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Those who want to stick with the free version will still be able to enjoy a version of Dominion with a fair few quality-of-life improvements exclusive to the digital adaptation, including options for asynchronous and real-time multiplayer games that use an internal matchmaking system. You can also host private games and search for open seats at tables via a lobby. All online play supports cross-platform games, and you will unlock any purchased DLC on every platform.

The app will also include daily challenges, a solo mode where you can challenge AI opponents with various difficultiesv (including one that reportedly learns as you play), plenty of customisability and both leaderboards and achievements across several game modes. Even if you’ve never played Dominion proper, you’re likely familiar with many of its core gameplay elements, which have bled into popular game design on several levels. Its influence even spreads beyond the table and has helped players understand themselves and the curveballs life throws your direction.

Temple Gate Games’ latest board game adaptations (the studio previously developed Roll for the Galaxy) will support English, Japanese, German and French languages at launch. More information and expansion prices are available on Dominion’s Steam store page.

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