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The Resistance: Avalon is getting a spiritual successor called Quest

Mordreding it.

Lead a rebellion against the sorcerer Mordred as King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table or finalise the fall of Avalon in Quest, the next social deduction game from The Resistance and Avalon creator Don Eskridge.

Quest is set in the same universe as The Resistance: Avalon, the popular fantasy spin-off from Eskridge’s sci-fi party game that sees Arthur’s court stop the forces of Mordred taking over the land by identifying hidden traitors among the group.

In Quest, Arthur is driven to take desperate measures as his knights and advisors slowly succumb to the allure of Mordred, by sending out followers to complete various quests for him. But with a growing legion of traitors in his midst, Arthur can never truly be sure that he is recruiting people who remain loyal to Avalon. Should too many of his missions be compromised by hidden Mordred’s agents, evil wins and Avalon falls for good.

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The upcoming board game plays with between four and ten players, and starts with players receiving a role card and secretly checking whether they’re a loyal servant of Arthur or a follower of Mordred before closing their eyes. All players who are on the side of evil open their eyes and see who else is working for Mordred. Next, all players open their eyes and someone takes the leader token, allowing them to choose whom they want to go on the quest for that round.

Unlike The Resistance and Avalon, players do not vote on whom the leader chooses to take with them. Instead of having a voting phase, the game goes straight into the quest phase - where the chosen players each secretly choose whether they want the quest to succeed or fail - but not before the good players have a chance to use their magic token. Whichever player is given the magic token must choose to succeed the quest they are currently on, giving the side of good a lifeline.

For games with larger player counts, Quest includes a selection of optional secret roles and amulets that can change how the game works. For example, anyone who gets the Morgan La Fey role card is able to fail a quest, even if they have been given the magic token.

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The side of good wins if they manage to complete all the available quests, including figuring out whichever players are Mordred’s followers. However, should evil cause three quests to fail, Mordred and her forces are victorious and Avalon falls.

The Kickstarter campaign for Quest is live until August 21st, with a pledge of $34 (£27) getting a copy of the core game estimated to arrive in January 2021. Included as part of the Kickstarter edition is a deluxe version of the original Avalon in Quest’s ‘Big Box’ set, which won’t be available at retail.

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