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Culinary party game Drawn Hungry is like Cards Against Humanity with delicious recipes and no gross aftertaste

Card cook, won't cook.

Image credit: Jordan Mishra Johnson

Take TV cooking shows like Masterchef, mix with a cup of Cards Against Humanity (substitute with Apples to Apples at your preference) and sprinkle over some improv comedy, before plating up on a bed of party game chaos and top with a dash of Sylvanian Families. The result? Drawn Hungry, a new card game about creating recipes headed to Kickstarter next month.

Drawn Hungry operates like fill-the-prompt party game classics Cards Against Humanity (without the sour taste left by its grosser “jokes”) or Apples to Apples, except with food ingredients and meals replacing the familiar answer cards.

Image credit: Jordan Mishra Johnson

The aim is to create a recipe using the ingredients and dishes in your hand, needing to make it suitable for a special occasion and containing a secret ingredient shared between all the players - similar to the central prompt card of CAH or Apples to Apples.

After five minutes, the players reveal their creations - delicious, inedible or otherwise - and take turns presenting their dish to that round’s head chef. Points are scored based on the ingredient and dish cards used.

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Designer-artist and foodie Jordan Mishra Johnson’s Instagrammable illustrations capture 170 ingredients from pineapple to honey in gorgeous realism, meeting charming descriptions for almost 100 dishes from paella to a Dutch baby pancake. The culinary display is combined with the game’s surprising setting inhabited by pastry chef rabbits (uncooked), inspired by Johnson’s own pet bunny Willie Nelson.

Drawn Hungry will hit Kickstarter on July 13th.

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