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MrBeast, YouTube’s biggest name, won $10,000 playing Dune: Imperium Uprising

The self-styled philanthropist currently embroiled in a burger lawsuit can apparently also handle his Spice.

Dune: Imperium - Uprising invitational tournament winners including YouTube personality MrBeast
Image credit: Dire Wolf

Update: Dire Wolf provided more information about the event, which was apparently co-hosted by Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson, held in secret somewhere in Ralgeigh, North Carolina and attended by a "select few high-achieving Dune: Imperium players from around the world."

While several winners of previous Dune: Imperium tournaments from around the world entered the fray, the final four combatants - Rob, Sneaker, Frank and MrBeast - battled it out in a final four-way match to dedice the ultimate winner. MrBeast ended up victories and reportedly donated his $10,000 winnings towards Dire Wolf's next Dune: Imperium tournament.

A full video of the finals will be uploaded by Dire Wolf in the near future. The original article continues below.

Arguably the most successful YouTube personality currently on the platform, MrBeast, pulled down $10,000 in prize money after winning a tournament for the upcoming board game Dune: Imperium Uprising.

Jimmy Donaldson posted to his official Twitter account earlier today with a photo of him and two other players holding novelty cheques for the Dune: Imperium Uprising Pre-Release invitational, with his listing $10,000 in prize winning. Published by Dire Wolf, Dune: Imperium Uprising is a standalone spin-off of the successful full-sized board game bearing the same name. It introduces a new team-based competitive mode that supports six players and condenses gameplay to focus only on deckbuilding and worker placement.

There’s a good chance that if you don’t frequent the trending page on YouTube, you may not know why MrBeast showing up to, and then winning, a board game tournament is a big deal. Donaldson has rocketed to the top of YouTube’s echelons by combining extravagant and exorbitant stunts (such as recreating the “games” featured in Netflix’s Squid Game and subsequently murdering irony in cold blood) and very public displays of philanthropy. He’s a cultural force whether you like it or not, and your younger cousins/niblings/friend’s children definitely watch his videos.

Let's play the Dune Board Game live! | Dune: a Game of Conquest and DiplomacyWatch on YouTube

The tournament is ostensibly a fun bit of marketing for Dune: Imperium Uprising, which is currently available for pre-orders ahead of a retail launch later this year. That said, Dire Wolf managing to lock down MrBeast as a promotional stunt is no small act. Donaldson is a professed Catan fan and supposedly plays strategic board games in his spare time, so the crunchy interplay and competitive nature of Dune: Imperium’s latest expansion would fit his tastes. Whether Donaldson’s winning it all was also part of Dire Wolf’s grand plan is something for you, dear reader, to consider.

Donaldson might also be in the market for a spot of good press following the $100 million countersuit filed against him by Virtual Dining Concepts, the ghost kitchen responsible for fulfilling and delivering the now discontinued MrBeast Burger. Donaldson reportedly sued VDC after his namesake burgers kept arriving undercooked and, in some cases, inedible. The legal controversy alleges Donaldson attempted to distance himself from the deal after reneging on promotional and publicity promises, along with disparaging the company using his massive platform in order to negotiate a more favourable deal.

Dicebreaker has reached out for the names of the second and third-place winners in this tournament, who were sadly overshadowed by the limelight affixed to Donaldson’s win.

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