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D&D meets LSD in Dungeon Breakout, a party game set in the psychedelic fantasy world of Dungeon Degenerates

Acid Splash.

Cult board game Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom is spinning out with a new party board game, Dungeon Breakout.

Created by designer-illustrators Sean Äaberg and Eric Radey, Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom is a co-op board game set in the dark fantasy land of Würstreich. The 2017 release was illustrated with stark psychedelic artwork that harkened back to classic 1970s fantasy such as early Dungeons & Dragons and the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, and has since seen multiple reprints due to its cult success.

In Dungeon Degenerates, players were escaped criminals able to explore the sandbox world as they pleased, taking on missions, battling monsters and interacting with inhabitants of the dangerous land. While players could choose to stick together as a party, they could also freely head off in their own direction; as well as allowing up to four players, Dungeon Degenerates could additionally be tackled as a solo board game by a single player.

Upcoming board game Dungeon Breakout is set in Dungeon Degenerates’ world of Würstreich, but offers a much faster party board game experience than the previous sprawling RPG-like game.

Dungeon Breakout sees two to six players placing tiles to create a dungeon, moving their adventurers around to claim loot and battle monsters drawn from separate decks of cards. Each player takes turns to draw and place one dungeon tile, before placing any loot or monsters - as indicated by icons - facedown on the tile. They move their adventurer one space, claiming any loot or encountering any monsters they move onto.

A quick board game, Dungeon Breakout plays in between five minutes and half an hour, according to its creators, although optional rules and variants are included that can extend the playing time and up the difficulty level.

Dungeon Breakout is currently live on Kickstarter, where its campaign will run until April 15th. The game is expected to arrive with backers in January 2021.

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