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Red Dragon Inn studio’s next game turns players into evil interior decorators


Help goblins and dragons with their DIY in Dungeon Decorators, an upcoming board game from the studio behind the Red Dragon Inn series, Slugfest Games.

With the passing of the Evil Overlord, dungeon owners from across the land are all vying for a seat atop the villainous throne. However, the previous Evil Overlord was notorious for having terrible taste in upholstery and interior design. In order to earn the title Evil Overlord, these dungeon managers are going to need to get their abodes up to scratch with the help of a crafty decorator.

Dungeon Decorators is a board game for two to four players in which players compete to spruce up their clients’ lairs enough to grant them the throne. During the game players will have the option to take tiles and place them in their client’s dungeon, with the different tiles displaying two separate sides. On one side will be a pathway or room players can use to extend the lair itself. Dungeon tiles must be placed adjacent to another dungeon tile in a way that makes sense - for example, pathways cannot start from the wall of another tile.

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Alternatively, players can choose to flip the tile over to the decoration side, which will show a selection of symbols representing the different types of decor found in the game. Decorations can include elements such as book shelves, tables and banners, which all must be placed against a dungeon tile.

The placement and layout of a player’s dungeon will be determined by their goal cards. There are two categories of goal cards in Dungeon Decorators: shape goals and decoration goals. The latter involves players placing certain types of decorations within their lair. For instance, one decoration goal might be to have levers and banners in the dungeons. Decoration goals also include objectives around specific rooms, with players needing to place certain decoration tiles adjacent to a single dungeon tile.

Shape goals are based around the layout of a player’s dungeon. Should make a section of their dungeon match the layout shown on a shape goal card, then they score those points. For example, a shape goal might show a line of three hallways with the tiles needing to be in a certain order depending on the symbols shown on each one.

Dungeon Decorators board game layout

As soon as a goal card is met, the player collects the points shown and places it facedown, before drawing a new set of goal cards. Whichever player has the most points by the end of the game is named the winner.

The Red Dragon Inn series began with a fantasy-themed party game about a group of adventurers returning from their quest with the intention of getting blind drunk. The first Red Dragon Inn featured the likes of Deirdre the Priestess, Fiona the Volatile and Zot the Wizard attempting to survive strong tankards of ale and the antics of the pub’s patrons. There have since been seven standalone titles in the Red Dragon Inn series, with the latest - The Tavern Crew - released in 2018 after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Dungeon Decorators is on Kickstarter until October 30th, with a pledge of $39 (£31) getting backers a copy of the retail version of the game set to arrive next June.

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