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Dragonlance returns to D&D this year with 5E adventure and battle game

Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Warriors of Krynn teased.

Dragonlance, the Dungeons & Dragons setting based on the beloved series of books, is coming to D&D 5E with a new adventure and standalone wargame.

A Dragonlance adventure book for Dungeons & Dragons 5E and “battle game” were revealed as “one more thing” at the end of today’s D&D Direct, confirming the return of the setting to the RPG later this year.

Upcoming D&D 5E adventure Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen will be an original story set during the beginning of the War of the Lance, the conflict central to the original Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy. The setting was introduced in 1984’s Dragons of Autumn Twilight, and has been expanded in the decades since by almost 200 books and game material for Dungeons & Dragons.

Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn, meanwhile, will be a wargame that features large-scale military battles. Players will be able to link the adventure book and battle game together “as a new way to play D&D”, according to the announcement.

Shadow of the Dragon Queen and Warriors of Krynn were teased with a short trailer narrated by The Expanse’s Shoreh Aghdashloo that revealed the games will release in late 2022.

Dragonlance creators Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis announced at the start of last year that they were working on a new series of D&D novels, following a legal spat in late 2020 with publisher Wizards of the Coast that later resolved amicably. The first instalment in the upcoming trilogy will be Dragons of Deceit, planned for release this summer.

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