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D&D supplement invites players to adventure with pride on a Queero’s Journey

Be gay, roll dice.

Celebrate Pride Month by playing a new queer-themed supplement for Dungeons & Dragons.

Part of the Adventuring with Pride series of supplements – with this being the third entry – A Queero’s Journey is designed to be used with tabletop roleplaying game D&D 5E. Featuring over 100 pages of content, Adventuring with Pride: A Queero’s Journey contents a collection of one-shot adventures for game masters to run for their players, alongside a roster of non-player characters and tools for GMs to use. The supplement also includes several pre-generated characters, as well as three new subclasses for the cleric, ranger and barbarian D&D 5E classes.

Players and GMs won’t need to have the previous two releases in the Adventuring with Pride series in order to experience A Queero’s Journey. Instead, they are free to dive into the queer-friendly world of Wysteria to encounter all sorts of interesting characters and face a number of, sometimes bizarre, threats.

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The four adventures featured in the tabletop RPG supplement include Discretion Advised – a story centered around a cult of sinister hipsters – And the Winner Is..., an adventure that sees players entering into an all-dancing and singing competition, the uncanny valley-like Pleasant Heights and Fights, Camera, Action!, a one-shot themed around the magic of the movies. Each adventure featured in A Queero’s Journey is designed for around three players whose characters are around third level but can be altered to support more or less.

If players desire inspiration for creating characters for A Queero’s Journey, then they can have a look at the three pre-generated characters included in the supplement. Cecilia LaBouche is a cleric for a goddess of the bird-like people, the LaRou, whilst Hallie Hilbottom is a freelance barbarian with a temper and Ogilvy the ranger enjoys the quiet-life foraging for mushrooms. Players can also create their own original characters using each of the pre-generated character’s unique subclasses – the Diva Goddess, the Denizen Conclave and the Path of the Brawler.

Adventuring with Pride: A Queero’s Journey was created by Jack Dixon – the designer behind the previous Adventuring with Pride supplements – with artwork from Alexiss Eastman Edmonds, Miranda Wacker, Jon Habens and Tristan Kenneth Arlos.

A page from the D&D supplement Adventuring with Pride: A Queero's Journey

The Kickstarter campaign for Adventuring with Pride: A Queero’s Journey is live until July 1st, with a pledge of £25 ($) getting backers a physical copy of the supplement in December 2022. Alternatively, a digital version of the supplement is available for a pledge of £10 ($).

50% of the ongoing sales from the print run of A Queero’s Journey will be donated to Stonewall, an LGBT+ charity that seeks to provide support to marginalised queer people across the world.

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