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King of Tokyo creator’s next game is a roll & write title called Dungeons, Dice & Danger

Ink-ludes plenty of monsters.

Richard Garfield, the creator of board games such as King of Tokyo, has designed a new game about dungeon-crawling called Dungeons, Dice & Danger.

Very little information about the fantasy board game is currently available, other than that it will have players venturing into a dungeon in search of valuable treasures. Rather than moving miniatures across a board, like players do in a traditional dungeon-crawling game, Dungeons, Dice & Danger will have players rolling dice and scribbling their progress down as the new tabletop title is a roll & write game centred around a group of adventurers who are hungry for shiny things.

In order to reach the treasures they desire, players will need to fight various monsters they come across. Whichever player manages to gather the most wealth by the end of the game is declared the winner.

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Dungeons, Dice & Danger is similar to several other recently announced titles such as the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons board game, Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Undermountain - which has players exploring the classic D&D setting of Undermountain using dice, pencils and paper - and Paper Dungeons, a board game that Dicebreaker played at Essen Spiel 2021 that has each player controlling an adventuring party.

Besides Dungeons, Dice & Danger and King of Tokyo, Garfield has created tabletop titles such as trading card game Magic: The Gathering, the unique deck game Keyforge and the horror themed deckbuilding game The Hunger.

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Dungeons, Dice & Danger is being published by Alea, a studio owned by Ravensburger - the company responsible for board games such as San Juan - that has previously co-released titles such as The Castles of Burgundy, Ra and Broom Service.

The release date for Dungeons, Dice & Danger is currently set for sometime in 2022, with the game launching at a retail price of €25 (£21).

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