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Dustbiters is basically Mad Max: Fury Road as a card game, from Minit, Broforce and Disc Room devs

I live, I draw, I live again.

Some of the developers behind indie video games Minit, Broforce, Nuclear Throne and Disc Room - among others - have joined forces for a new physical card game that’s just hit Kickstarter.

Dustbiters is a two-player game that appears to take more than a sprinkle of inspiration from Mad Max: Fury Road, the latest entry in George Miller’s long-running action movie series. The players control rival gangs of cars as they speed through a desert, trying to outpace the dust storm on their tail and destroy their opponent’s vehicles first.

During the 15-minute game, players use three actions on their respective turns to move cars in a line on the table - representing the convoy of battling cars. At the end of each round, the car trailing at the back of the line is destroyed by the storm, meaning players must use their actions and cards’ abilities to stay ahead of their rival.

Each of the 21 vehicles in the deck - including cars, as well as bikes and horses, which the rulebook specifies as also being cars - has a different unique effect when used, allowing players to sabotage their opponent’s vehicles, defend against attacks or boost their own speed to avoid destruction.

Dustbiters comes as part of a collaboration between video game developers Robbie Fraser, Jan Willem Nijman and Terri Vellmann, who between them have credits on indie hits such as Minit, Disc Room, Ridiculous Fishing, Genital Jousting, Sludge Life, Nuclear Throne and more. According to Nijman, the game has been in the works for around five years.

The card game will be produced by video game merch label iam8bit, with its Kickstarter campaign offering a physical copy for €22 (around $26). A PR representative told Dicebreaker that there were no confirmed plans for wider availability after the Kickstarter, with the crowdfunding campaign currently the only way to pick up the game.

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