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The Elden Ring board game has already crowdfunded over £1.5 million on Kickstarter

A lordly sum.

The Kickstarter campaign for Elden Ring: The Board Game has already crowdfunded over £1.5 million.

As of this article being written, the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming board game – which launched on November 22nd – has crowdfunded £1,692,540 ($2,455,780). The goal for the Elden Ring board game Kickstarter has been set for £150,000 ($181,000), with the campaign successfully crowdfunding $1 million in less than two hours after launch - according to Steamforged Games, the publisher responsible for releasing the board game.

The Kickstarter campaign requires backers to pledge a minimum of £152 ($183) in order to get a copy of the core game, which contains the starting area of Limgrave that features a campaign that Steamforged claims will take players at least 40 hours to complete. Other planned areas for the video game board game will be released in a series of expansions, that backers are able to acquire through the Kickstarter campaign via a pledge of £364 ($439), securing them copies of the upcoming expansions as well as the core box itself and the launch expansion of the Weeping Peninsula.

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Based on the video game developed by From Software – the studio known for creating the Dark Souls series - and published by Bandai Namco that was released earlier this year, Elden Ring: The Board Game will see players working together to survive the many trials and tribulations found across the Lands Between. As the Tarnished, players will need to explore the various locals of the world in order to grow strong enough to finally face off against the lords of each region, with the eventual goal of becoming Elden Lords.

In his preview of the fantasy board game, Matt Jarvis was able to experience a tutorial quest from the core Realm of the Grafted King release, which saw him venturing into a section of Limgrave in order to battle the Beastman of Farum Azula. Taking place on a modular board made up of a collection of tiles players will use to gradually build each area, the tutorial had Matt and his fellow Tarnished searching for the location of a series of objectives: whose presence are indicated by a collection of icons.

The length of each session of Elden Ring is dictated by a requirement of objective tokens being collected in order to prevent an eventually game-over, which is designed to prevent players from wandering off too far and extending the length of the game. Throughout the game, players will be mainly moving between tiles, exploring and interacting with icons on the tiles they discover.

Encountering enemies will have players moving to a grid map battlefield in which they will face their foes, using their deck of combat cards to decide their approach. Winning fights will enable players to gather resources and improve their Tarnished’s abilities and stats, preparing them for the eventual show-down with that areas’s boss.

Besides Elden Ring, Steamforged is responsible for releasing several board game adaptations of video games such as the Dark Souls series, as well as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.

The Kickstarter campaign for Elden Ring: The Board Game is live until December 2nd, with the pledges for the core box set to be fulfilled in May 2024.

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