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Here’s when the Elden Ring board game hits Kickstarter

As Steamforged says the game has “obliterated” Dark Souls’ pre-launch records.

The Elden Ring board game has been given a Kickstarter launch date.

Unveiled last month, Elden Ring: The Board Game is a tabletop adaptation of this year’s acclaimed open-world action-RPG video game from Dark Souls developer From Software.

Behind the upcoming title is Dark Souls: The Board Game and Dark Souls: The RPG publisher Steamforged Games, which has confirmed that its tabletop take on Elden Ring will be more exploration-focused and feature a new card-driven combat system compared to the dice-heavy battles seen in the Dark Souls board game.

The Kickstarter teaser trailer for Elden Ring: The Board Game

Up to four players’ Tarnished characters will travel around The Lands Between, encountering both smaller enemies and the formidable bosses from the video game. Early game bosses Godrick the Grafted and Margit, the Fell Omen have been confirmed to make an appearance, with players able to use familiar ashes of war weapon skills and spirit summons to take them down.

Lead designer Sherwin Matthews previously told Dicebreaker that the Elden Ring board game will be built around a non-linear campaign mode, with players able to travel around the world and tackle scenarios in whatever order they please. The sprawling map of the Lands Between will be broken into smaller regions, which players can discover and explore by placing tiles.

“Each scenario will have specific objectives and interactions, which might influence future scenarios and decisions,” Matthews said. “We’ve arrived at something quite unique that really reflects the Elden Ring experience.”

Margit, the Fell Omen miniature from Elden Ring: The Board Game
Image credit: Steamforged Games

Between fights, the players will be able to level up and improve their characters’ stats, as well as picking up new equipment and upgrading existing gear using smithing stones.

Steamforged announced that Elden Ring: The Board Game will launch on Kickstarter on November 22nd, adding that the game’s pre-launch Kickstarter page had “obliterated” the follower records set by its previous games, including Dark Souls and its trilogy of Resident Evil board games.

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