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Elden Ring board game’s first box will cost you $179 - and is just one of “several” releases that will cover the whole video game

Be ready to cough up over $400 if you want everything from Elden Ring: The Board Game’s first Kickstarter, with at least two more to come.

Elden Ring: The Board Game’s first box has had its name and price revealed - along with the news that it will be only the first in a planned series of standalone core releases adapting the vast open-world video game.

Elden Ring: The Board Game - Realm of the Grafted King is the name of the game’s first ‘core’ release. Lead designer Sherwin Matthews said that the box would focus on the video game’s starting area of Limgrave, culminating with a battle against Stormveil Castle’s guardian Margit, the Fell Omen. The box will be offered as part of the Elden Ring board game's core pledge for $179, which will also include "an additional expansion's worth of content", according to Steamforged.

The second region of Weeping Peninsula will appear in an expansion set covering the southern area that Matthews said would also be “effectively standalone”, serving as a cheaper entry point for new players. The set will cost $89 and include 20 miniatures.

Elden Ring: The Board Game’s Kickstarter campaign, which launches on November 22nd, will offer the Weeping Peninsula box as its ‘entry’ pledge level, with Realm of the Grafted King being its core pledge tier. A third all-in pledge tier will include the core game and all available expansions - including Weeping Peninsula, a ‘mega dungeon’ map for Stormveil Castle including demigod boss Godrick the Grafted, and the boss-focused Flying Dragon Agheel and Erdtree Avatar sets - for $429. The campaign will also include a Kickstarter-exclusive model for Iron Fist Alexander, the beloved spank-loving pot man encountered by players while wandering the Lands Between.

Beyond Realm of the Grafted King, Steamforged revealed that Elden Ring: The Board Game would receive “several” additional core releases in the future in order to cover the whole of the video game’s expansive world and campaign. Matthews said that the studio planned to support the board game with new releases for “years to come”.

Future core boxes will allow players to continue their campaign using their existing characters - with their current level, equipment and stats carrying over. The core boxes will also be standalone, including new characters ready to play at the right level and additional gameplay elements that reflect the regions of the Lands Between. Steamforged creative director Mat Hart offered assurance that the complete series of Elden Ring: The Board Game releases had been planned in a way to avoid ‘power creep’ and stop players from over-levelling.

Realm of the Grafted King includes 15 main quests - each taking approximately 90 minutes to play - in a campaign estimated to last over 20 hours. Matthews predicted that the entire campaign spanning the whole of Elden Ring’s story would take over 100 hours to complete on the tabletop, but didn’t reveal how many individual releases that might span. The designer added that Steamforged has plans for “at least two” more Kickstarter campaigns to crowdfund future core boxes for Elden Ring: The Board Game.

Update: This story has been updated to reflect that the Realm of the Grafted King box will be part of the core pledge for the Elden Ring board game, which costs $179 and will include additional content.

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