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Endeavor: Age of Sail series is diving underwater for its latest entry

Everything’s better down where it’s wetter.

A new entry in the Endeavor series sees players exploring the deepest depths of the ocean.

Endeavor: Deep Sea is an upcoming board game that will be released as part of the same series as Endeavor: Age of Sail, the board game about establishing a historical shipping empire. Rather than focusing on the action taking place above water, Deep Sea is all about what’s going on beneath the waves.

Perhaps one of the greatest unexplored frontiers, the ocean’s depths beckon to the players, promising incredible secrets and answers to untold mysteries. As an independent research institute, the players are diving into the ocean with the goal of discovering the means to develop sustainable projects, whilst ensuring that the delicate balance of marine life is restored and maintained.

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As leaders of their respective institutes, the players will be working to run the entire show – recruiting experts in their field, developing their team and using their expertise to further their research. Besides working behind the desk, players will also be diving right into the action by exploring new underwater locations and gathering the research they need to publish their own ecological papers. All of this work will hopefully lead to the launching of essential conservation efforts, which will be essential to the future of the planet.

Whilst Deep Sea is built on the same gameplay system as the aforementioned Endeavor: Age of Sail, it will provide players with a new age of nautical discovery and features a more streamlined ruleset to help newer players experience the game.

Endeavor: Deep Sea was co-designed by Jarrat Gray and Carl De Visser, the co-creators of the original Endeavor and Endeavor: Age of Sail.

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Burnt Island Games and Grand Gamers Guild are once again teaming-up to co-publish Endeavor: Deep Sea, having previously co-published Age of Sail. Separately, Burnt Island Games is best known for releasing In the Hall of the Mountain King, whilst Gamers Guild is responsible for publishing the worker-placement game The Artemis Project.

Endeavor: Age of Sail is a board game for two to five players that sees players attempting to establish their own shipping routes connecting major cities from across the globe. As owners of their own shipping companies, players will be attempting to build their businesses using the game’s core gameplay mechanics of opening-up more powerful actions over time.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Endeavor: Deep Sea is set to be launched in January 2023, with pledge amounts and delivery dates yet to be confirmed.

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