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Enola Holmes semi-co-op board game pits one player against the rest

A family that sleuths together, stays together.

An upcoming board game based on the Enola Holmes movie will pit one player against a team of sleuths.

Adapted from the Netflix movie based on a young adult novel series about the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes, Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls sees players attempting to discover the truth behind the crimes committed by an opponent. Partly a co-op board game, Finder of Lost Souls has one player taking the role of the criminal and the others various members of the renowned Holmes family, as the two sides attempt to win the game for themselves.

In the game, the criminal player must leave a cypher for their opponents to attempt to solve, with their aim being to make their message hidden enough that the other players cannot decipher it. Meanwhile, the other team must work together to figure out what the criminal’s trail of flowers means, as they travel across 19th century London in search of the clues they need.

An image of the components for Enola Holmes: The Finder of Lost Souls.

Along the way, players will be presented with a series of puzzles they must solve, with the locations from the Enola Holmes film having clues attached to them. As the different members of the Holmes family, players will have to use their unique skills and individual wits to find the answers they need to solve the mystery and win the movie board game, otherwise their opponent succeeds.

Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls is set to be published by Gale Force Nine – a studio that has previously released other tabletop adaptations of films and television shows such as Dune, Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery and Firefly: The Game – in partnership with Legendary Pictures.

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A trailer for Enola Holmes (2020).

Released via Netflix in 2020, Enola Holmes is a film adaptation of a series of novels by Nancy Spinger that sees the younger sister of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes attempting to solve her own mysteries. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, who is otherwise best known for her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter, the film sees Enola getting wrapped up in a strange plot whilst on the hunt for her lost mother.

Enola Holmes: Finder of Lost Souls is set to be released in November at a retail price of £30 ($35).

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